Parenting Coordination Consent Agreement

Parenting Coordination Agreement(Required)
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The Parenting Coordinator and the parents enter into this contract by court order. The terms of this contract are intended to comply with the Order of Appointment for Parenting Coordination and the Order of Appointment is considered to be incorporated into this contract. To the extent that there is any conflict between this contract and the Appointment Order, the Appointment Order prevails.


A. Role of the Parenting Coordinator: The parents understand that the Parenting Coordinator’s role is to help parents resolve their differences regarding their child(ren) and their child(ren)’s care in a manner that serves the best interest of their child(ren), minimizes conflict between parents that could harm their child(ren) and fosters cooperation between parents. The Parenting Coordinator may assess the situation and educate the parents as necessary regarding child development and communication, and facilitate communication between the parents and others involved with their child(ren). The Parenting Coordinator may coach parents on strategies of interacting effectively with each other and their children, refer family members to other resources and professionals, mediate disputes between parents, and make final decisions if at any time the parents fail to reach a mediated agreement.

B. Process of Mediation: The Parenting Coordinator may mediate between the parents as necessary, that is, help the parents to make their own decisions, but the role of Parenting Coordinator is not exclusively as a mediator nor is it providing pure mediation services which require the Parenting Coordinator to be neutral and to maintain confidentiality. The Parenting Coordinator may assist parents in considering options, examining priorities, and offering suggestions.

C. Decisions by the Parenting Coordinator: The goal is for the parents to reach agreements. In the event that the parents are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution of a dispute, the Parenting Coordinator shall make a binding decision and make recommendations for implementing said decision by the parties.


A. Appointments: Appointments with the Parenting Coordinator shall be scheduled at the request of either parent by phone or in person with no written notice required. The parents agree to make a good faith effort to be available for appointments when requested by the other parent or the Parenting Coordinator.

B. Communication: The parents may contact the Parenting Coordinator by telephone, email or text message. The Parenting Coordinator will make every effort to respond within 2 business days.


A. Father and Mother shall pay all of the costs of the Parenting Coordinator at a rate of $250 per hour, payable by the parent(s) per the court order. This includes time spent reviewing documents and correspondence, voicemail, email, meetings, and telephone calls with Father and Mother, their counsel and other professionals involved. Fees will be applied to time required for deliberation and writing of memos, testifying in court, preparation time for testifying and related travel time. Court-related fees (i.e., preparation time, attendance and travel) shall be obtained by way of retainer in advance of any services rendered.

B. The parents will be billed for one hour of an appointment in which there is less than twenty-four (24) business hours’ notice prior to cancellation. The parents will each be individually responsible for charges arising from his or her own cancellation with insufficient notice and/or failure to attend a scheduled appointment.

C. Father and Mother will provide a retainer to the Parenting Coordinator per the court order.  At all times each parent shall maintain a retainer of at least $250 (one hour each) in the account of the Parenting Coordinator who shall advise in advance when a further retainer is required. Fees for Parenting Coordination are expected to be paid at the time of service. If the above terms are not satisfied, the Parenting Coordinator will postpone all services until fees are paid. Non-payment of fees may be grounds for the resignation of the Parenting Coordinator.

D. If a party conducts him/herself in such a manner that the session is cancelled by the Parenting Coordinator, the party responsible for the cancelled appointment shall pay for the appointment.

E. In the event that an issue has been thoroughly discussed and resolved, and a parent wishes to continue to work through the Parenting Coordinator on the issue, the parent desiring Parenting Coordinator services shall pay 100% of the costs. In the event that a parent wishes to discuss an issue without the involvement of the other parent, the requesting parent shall pay 100% of the associated costs.


A. If either parent has a complaint about the manner in which the Parenting Coordinator is engaging with him/her or any issue, he/she shall discuss it in person with the Parenting Coordinator before pursuing it in any other manner. If, after discussion, the parent is not satisfied that the complaint has been addressed to his/her satisfaction, then he/she may submit a written letter detailing the complaint to the Parenting Coordinator, to the other parent and to any lawyers representing the parents and/or child(ren). The Parenting Coordinator shall provide a written response to the parents and lawyers within twenty (20) days.

B. The Parenting Coordinator will then meet with the complaining parent and his/her lawyer to further discuss the matter.

C. If the complaint is not resolved after this meeting, the complaining party may request termination of the Parenting Coordination relationship.

D. The Ohio Counselor, Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy Board does not oversee the work of Parenting Coordination.


A. The role of the Parenting Coordinator is not that of a social worker, attorney, or therapist, and the Parenting Coordinator shall not practice psychotherapy or family therapy with parents or family members.

B. The Parenting Coordinator does not offer legal advice to either parent.


We understand that the Parenting Coordinator may disclose the following information to appropriate authorities: (1) Parenting Coordinator has reason to believe that a child is in need of protection, (2) either parent or another person is in danger of bodily harm, or (3) Parenting Coordinator learns of the intent to commit a misdemeanor or felony.

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