Mediation – Divorce and Family

mediationEnding a relationship can be complicated. Untangling finances and deciding how to share responsibilities for children can make people feel stuck and stressed. Court involvement can be especially complex and expensive. People don’t know where to turn.
There is hope through mediation at The Center for Family Resolution.

The Center for Family Resolution offers a comprehensive divorce mediation process to resolve your issues with dignity and mutual respect.

We are right for you if you want to:

  • Have a voice in all decisions
  • Avoid the divisiveness, time, and financial costs of court
  • Limit involvement with attorneys
  • Make decisions that truly fit the needs of your family and situation
  • Create written agreements regarding:
    • division of assets and debts
    • present and future cash flow
    • parenting matters including future communication, parenting time and child support
You can count on us to provide:
  • A process centered on identifying the priorities, needs, and hopes of each person
  • A supportive environment for collective problem solving with a neutral facilitator
  • Attention to your concerns in a practical, nonjudgmental manner
  • A comprehensive list of all items needed to be addressed in a separation agreement and parenting plan
  • Written records of all agreements ready to be drafted into legal documents

Get started with these steps:

1. Tell us about yourself and your situation. Please click here to get started.

2. Please click here to schedule your one-hour individual mediation session.