Co-Resolution – “Extra-strength” Divorce Mediation and Co-Parent Coaching

Sometimes working together to make important decisions or to co-parent the child(-ren) can seem impossible! Extra-strength structure and support may be in order when clients are especially distraught or stuck. Each client in this turbo-charged mediation or coaching process works individually with a conflict coach, and all joint sessions include the coaches as well as the clients.

The Center for Family Resolution offers an extensive process to resolve issues even in the toughest circumstances.

Co-Resolution with The Center for Family Resolution is for you if you want to:

  • Have a voice in all decisions, even if you have not been heard in the past
  • Make agreements with someone with whom you have deep-seated differences in values, perspectives, or power in the relationship
  • Make decisions that truly meet the needs of your family and situation
  • Avoid the divisiveness, time, and cost of court
  • Limit involvement with attorneys
  • Create written agreements regarding:
    • division of assets and debts
    • present and future cash flow
    • parenting matters including future communication, parenting time and child support

Count on The Center for Family Resolution professional to provide:

  • Options and resources specific to the priorities, needs and hopes of each person
  • Careful assessment for physical and emotional safety
  • Attention to your concerns in a practical, neutral, and nonjudgmental manner
  • Relevant information on parenting, co-parenting, money conversations
  • A comprehensive list of all items needed to be addressed in a separation agreement and parenting plan
  • Written records of all agreements ready to be drafted into legal documents

What Should You Do Next?

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