Parenting Coordination

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Some moms and dads have ongoing trouble communicating and following their parenting plan long after the ink is dry. Children get caught up in the middle of the conflict and parents are continually distracted and stressed.

There’s a new sheriff in town. A parenting coordinator is assigned by court order to help you and your co-parent smooth out any issues and resolve disagreements without trips back to court.

The Center for Family Resolution offers parenting coordination to boost the parent’s ability to make joint decisions, communicate effectively, and ensure implementation of the parenting plan.

Parenting coordination with The Center for Family Resolution is for you if you want to:

  • Create clear goals for your family on the same page with your co-parent
  • Create more effective and respectful communication with your co-parent
  • Find solutions that really work to help you stay out of court
  • Find more ease and less stress in your co-parenting
  • Work with professionals who understand how power, emotions, and identity affect the family dynamics

Count on your parenting coordinator at The Center for Family Resolution to:

  • Offer a safe, structured process to address your parenting issues
  • Work with both parents to find mutually agreeable and effective plan for communication
  • Make reasonable decisions as needed that follow the terms of your parenting plan
  • Work with your attorney and other professionals who support you to assure a comprehensive approach to reach your goals

Get started with these steps:

  1. Talk with your attorney about parenting coordination. Your attorney can advise you the best way to get an Appointment Order for Parenting Coordination filed with your local court.
  1. Tell us about yourself and your situation.
  1. Schedule your one-hour individual parenting coordination session.