Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a supported conversation that helps you listen closely and self-reflect on your own ideas, thoughts and feelings. Your coach challenges and supports you to explore your options in whatever areas of your life you bring to the conversation. You will discover the right next steps for you to achieve your vision of success.

  • Facilitated conversations that help parents to identify goals and action steps that will effectively address parenting and co-parenting issues.
  • Opportunity to look at issues from a new perspective with a neutral lens. The Coach does not declare who is “right” or “wrong.” Focus on what will work for this family.
  • Path forward to address not only the nuts and bolts of a case, but also the interpersonal dynamic of the parents.
  • Opportunity for relevant education on child development and age-appropriate considerations for a parenting plan.

You and your coach will meet in person or by zoom. The two of you will review your needs and the coach will recommend individual, joint, or a two-coach model (co-resolution) to help you reach your goals. Many clients engage in just a few coaching sessions, and many engage over the course of several months or longer. Sessions may be held weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis. Individual sessions are typically 60 – 90 minutes, and joint sessions are typically 1 ½ to 2 hours. Your coach will send you a brief written summary of joint sessions. Email and phone communication is available in between sessions.

Individual sessions are $150 per hour, and joint sessions of 2 or more persons are $180 per hour. The initial intake session is $180 per hour per person, and all co-parent coaching requires an individual intake session.

We can help you respectfully invite the other parent in to meet us. However, many clients need a court order so the other parent is required to participate. Your attorney can help you with next steps to obtain a court order.

Your coach or mediator wants to hear any concerns you have regarding your safety. You and your professional work out a plan to keep you safe while you are working with us.

  • Parents can get stuck in their story of right and wrong, which limits creative problem-solving.
  • Parents may be overwhelmed with big emotions.
  • Parents may have ineffective communication habits.
  • Parents may not feel heard and understood by their co-parent.
  • Kids often get caught in the middle of conflict.
  • Co-parent stress can reduce quality of parenting.
  • Parents create their own plan to communicate efficiently and effectively.
  • Parents who want to understand each other better can have “real” conversations about their most important values, needs and fears.
  • Parents learn to take better care of themselves, get the right support, and navigate big emotions.
  • Many parents try out new agreements through co-parent coaching.

We decide together what is confidential and what can be shared with your co-parent, Guardian ad Litem, therapist, or attorney. 

  1. We are required to report the following to the appropriate authorities: allegations of abuse or neglect of a child
  2. Threats of harm to other people or yourself
  3. Statements made indicating plans to carry out or hide an ongoing crime
  4. Statements made that reveal a felony crime.

Your mediator will guide you through all the decisions that are needed for any legal documents – specifically a parenting plan or separation agreement. Mediation results in a written summary called a Memorandum of Understanding which lists all the agreements made in the mediation sessions. This document can then be taken to an attorney to draft into a legal document to be filed with the court. Both coaching and mediation use a “coach approach” to resolve your issues with helpful questions and thoughtful insight. Coaching results in a written summary of items discussed and agreed upon, but is not sufficient for drafting into a legal document. Ask your professional which role best serves you. All the professionals are both credentialed coaches and seasoned mediators.

No, insurance does not cover any of our services. We accept private pay only at the time of service by cash, credit card, or check. Please let us know if you need to work out a payment plan.

Parenting coordination is a specific service offered only with a court appointment order. The fee is $200 per hour and requires a deposit. Please consult with us for more information regarding your case.