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We believe there is a better way to resolve conflict.

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Conflict is difficult because it involves high emotions and can often be seen as a win or lose proposition.

We may feel threatened and alone in the process. Old ways of dealing with conflict often don’t work— sometimes, help and a new approach is needed. With the right support, we open up the possibility for effective conflict resolution to create a new and hopeful future.

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Upcoming Events & Training

Real-Time Parenting Retreat

When: Friday, August 4 Sunday, August 6, 2023
Where: Himalayan Institute Retreat Center | Honesdale, PA

Taking time to refresh your spirit and build new parenting skills can reset your family dynamic, create peaceful practices, and welcome more laughter and joy at home.

Your leaders for this retreat are Behavior Coach Beth Miller, Resilience Coach Mary Funari, and Conflict Resolution Coach Amy Armstrong.

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Free Co-Parenting Training

Co-Parenting, Even When it Seems Impossible : How to release self-doubt, gain confidence and communicate effectively as a co-parent – WITHOUT giving all the power away to your ex.

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Coach Training

The Center for Coach Development integrates the International Coach Federations principles and competencies to up level leaders and prepare coaches for professional careers in work, life and parent coaching. In addition to excellence in coach education, CCD actively promotes coaching as the go-to intervention for positive change for individuals, businesses, communities and families.

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Couples & Spouses

We will support you as you create more satisfying, stronger relationships.

Coaching includes specific topics such as: communication, accepting differences, and creating a shared vision.

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Family & Finance

Finances are the #1 source of conflict in families. You don’t have to avoid difficult conversations or live in conflict regarding the financial decisions.

Get on the same page today.

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Separation & Divorce

We are here to help you with divorce mediation or as your coach ensuring that you choose the right process and the right professionals to support you.

You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help.

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Parents & Co-Parenting

Even parents that agree on a parenting philosophy often have challenges with their children. Parent coaching provides the right process to work towards a shared vision.

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Solve Problems Outside of the Courtroom

Drawn out court cases related to family issues can be a drain on time and money. In many cases, mediation offers a healthier, more economical approach to resolving these problems.

Center for Family Resolution coaches Amy Armstrong, Wendi Stern, Terri Johnston, and Deb Frazier are parent educators, mediators, and parenting coordinators and are here to serve you and your family. Dedicated to the productive resolution of conflict, these professionals help hundreds of families reach their goals for effective parenting and co-parenting.

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Megan“When I started working with Amy, I believed I was powerless and the way to make things better was for other people to behave better. I’ve always been an optimist; yet I found myself feeling exhausted and hopeless. Amy helped me see that by improving my own self-awareness and mindset, I could take back my power in a beautiful, authentic way. She equipped me with the right feedback, tools, and support to move into a bright, empowered future. I’m now loving a life that I never could have imagined back then.”


Jackie“When my divorce proceeding went to court I was overwhelmed and lost and all of a sudden I was a villain who could not do anything right. I felt I couldn’t trust anyone until Amy Armstrong was assigned to my case. She created a safe space for me where I was validated and protected and taught me to communicate in an effective way without my emotions taking over. Amy taught me to shift my mindset and realize the only thing I could change was my reactions.”


Amy“Amy has changed my life in many aspects. One being how I now have conversations not only with my ex but with my children as well.  When it comes to co-parenting, I’ve learned I can not change him, I stay above the line and do what is right for my kids first. I don’t argue, or feed into what his issues are. I know I can not change him. ”


Mark“Learning to be a parent is challenging enough. But imagine learning under the scrutiny of a co-parent who is taking notes on everything you do, or don’t do, and wants you to fail. Now imagine the kind of person you would need to help you through such a situation. That person is Amy Armstrong.”