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The Power of Positive Words: Cultivating a Loving Relationship with Your Child

As a parent, you have the power to shape your child's world with your words. Your words can either lift them up and inspire them or tear them down and crush their spirits. With the right approach, you can use positive words to cultivate a loving relationship with your child that will last a lifetime. Words have an incredible impact on the human psyche. [...]

Four Essential Life Skills to Successfully Prepare for Tough Conversations

Four Essential Life Skills to Successfully Prepare for Tough Conversations You can already feel your heart pounding before you tell your boss you can’t stay after work to finish up a big project. What if she doesn’t listen? What if she hands the project over to someone else? Your voice is coming on too strong as you correct your business partner after he claims [...]

Crafting An Effective Parenting Plan For Successful Co-Parenting

Crafting An Effective Parenting Plan For Successful Co-parenting You and your partner/spouse have decided to end your relationship. You want to be the type of parents who can be near each other at school events or sports activities, yet you wonder if the two of you can actually rise above any personal discomfort. You desire having a reliable schedule so you both [...]

Hurt Gets in the Way

Hurt Gets in the Way How Can I Co-parent When I am Deeply Hurt? It seems cruel to be expected to co-parent with someone who has betrayed your trust, bruised your ego, damaged your reputation or harmed your body. Yet when relationships break down, parenting continues. And sometimes that means sharing the parenting with the person that hurt you deeply. While co-parenting [...]

Deciding to Separate or Divorce During COVID 19

Deciding to Separate or Divorce During COVID 19 COVID 19 has pulled back the curtain on relationship problems. Couples are extra-stressed during the shutdowns, school closures, quarantines and uncertainty of the COVID 19 outbreak. In close quarters with new expectations and shattered normalcy, families are forced to re-organize the family dynamic. The old routines just don’t sustain the family during extensive chaos [...]

Extra Pickles, Please!

Extra Pickles, Please! Asking for what you want is easy as pie for some people. If it’s easy for you, read no further. Unless of course you want to better understand your fellow humans, like the ones who struggle with even asking for extra pickles on a Wendy’s hamburger. In my coaching experience, I see people in dysfunctional relationships stumble all over [...]

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine Everyone wants their truth to be heard. I often notice myself or others getting uneasy waiting for an opening to insert an opinion into a conversation, sometimes bouncing in the seat like a third grader. We want OUR feelings to be taken seriously, and OUR thoughts to be considered. As a coach, clients visibly appreciate the process of being fully heard and discovering [...]

Need a New Vision?

Need a New Vision? Many people can only see what they see with their eyes. I spent this weekend at a guided retreat learning to create a vision for my future self with my heart, my intuition, and my imagination. And we set the prophecy in motion. Along with my husband and 12 new friends, I invested the 2 days reflecting on [...]

Powerful Words of Positivity

Powerful Words of Positivity Did the Holiday season inspire you? Which did you hear the most – joyful, affirmative statements or cynical, downer comments? As you know, I work with individuals, parents, and families experiencing a great deal of uneasiness or negativity with relationships. It is common for many of my clients to feel down, and even helpless – not able to [...]

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