Education & Speaking


We are a resource for information and answering your questions about effective parenting, healthy brain and child development, finances, positive communication, and resolving family conflict.

The Center for Family Resolution offers half-day and full-day workshops on topics including:

  • Real-time Parenting
  • Effective Co-parenting
  • Developing Resilience and Well-being in a Stressed-Out World
  • Managing Difficult Relationships
  • Money Conversations
  • Conflict Styles and How to Fight Fair
  • Organize Your Emotions, Manage Your Life
  • Empowerment and Boundaries for Healthy Relationships
  • Visioning Your Present and Future

Speaking and Trainings for counselors, mediators, attorneys and court professionals include:

  • Trauma-informed Mediation / Parenting Coordination
  • Working with Difficult Personalities
  • Interventions for Families when a Child Resists or Refuses Contact with a Parent
  • Transitioning from Argument to Dialogue
  • Supporting Clients through Transformative Coaching
  • De-escalating Clients in Conflict

Please contact us to customize a workshop or program for your group or conference.

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