Education & Speaking

Amy SpeakingWe are a resource for information and answering your questions about effective parenting, healthy brain and child development, finances, positive communication, and resolving family conflict.

The Center for Family Resolution offers half-day and full-day workshops on topics including:

  • Real-time parenting
  • Effective co-parenting
  • Developing resilience and well-being in a stressed-out world
  • Managing difficult relationships
  • Money conversations
  • Conflict styles and how to fight fair
  • Organize your emotions, manage your life
  • Empowerment and boundaries for healthy relationships
  • Envisioning your present and future

Speaking and Trainings for counselors, mediators, attorneys and court professionals include:

  • Trauma-informed mediation/parenting coordination
  • Working with difficult personalities
  • Interventions for families when a child resists or refuses contact with a parent
  • Transitioning from argument to dialogue
  • Supporting clients through transformative coaching
  • De-escalating clients in conflict

Please contact us to customize a workshop or program for your group or conference.