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Need a New Vision?

Many people can only see what they see with their eyes. I spent this weekend at a guided retreat learning to create a vision for my future self with my heart, my intuition, and my imagination. And we set the prophecy in motion. Along with my husband and 12 new friends, I invested the 2 days reflecting on how satisfied I am with various aspects of my life, and what it will take to be fully satisfied – 10 out of 10 – in each area. We even had the privilege of having a skilled voice and presentation coach teach us to state our declarations with confidence. We listened, talked, laughed, cried, and enjoyed quiet time working together as we embraced the power to create a new reality.

We learned to seek and welcome our truest longings and desires.

I declared my vision in front of everyone: I give time for deeper connections with friends and family, and am taking my distinctive message of healing for families and shining it out farther into the world. Other participants developed inspired visions for starting fulfilling relationships, enhancing personal wellness, connecting more fully with the Divine, and growing lucrative businesses.

All of the clients I coach express dissatisfaction with aspects of family life, parenting, or co-parenting. They share stories of loss, disappointment, grief, anger, and deep sadness. Through compassionate conversations, they quickly find out they have the ability to create big changes in their family life. I generally start my sessions with them by developing clarity on their vision for a more fulfilling reality. We identify goals – the specific experiences and outcomes that define success for them. I call this the “vision of success” which can only be identified by each individual client.

It is such a delight to walk with clients as they shift into creating a new, empowered reality!

What do you want to create in your reality? What is your vision of success in your family, business, any given area of your life? It’s up to you to define, declare, and step into your version of success.

In her January, 2018 article Vision: It’s a Verb!, author Julie Winkle Guilioni writes about the actionable nature of visioning. A vision is something we “do rather than something we have. And when we view it as a verb, we’ll begin to see the vast value the vision can deliver.” Visioning is not only a skill for business leaders as in the context of Ms. Guilioni’s article, it is a life skill for individuals, families, communities, and anyone seeking to impact change.

When a vision is a representation of a belief, complete with the excitement of seeing it become reality, the vision is simply a reality waiting to come into view.

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Your affirmations state that which you intend to create. Dream. Declare. Deliver!

Affirmation for today: I am the creator of my reality. I create with confidence and clarity, and my actions serve to bring my vision to life.

Let me know how I can support you further in developing the vision that will create the life you want.