Wendi Stern, MBA, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Wendi Stern is a Franklin County Domestic Relations Court Approved Mediator and became a PCI Certified Parent Coach® in 2017. Prior to her work as a mediator and parent coach, she earned her MBA from Franklin University. Wendi brings professional experience and understanding learned through working as a mediator, serving as a parent coach, spending nearly a decade in large, private sector financial services companies and serving on the boards of multiple non-profits. She also has a solid understanding of personal finance and experience raising her own teenagers. She is skilled at listening and asking questions in a way that enables her clients to provide detailed and personalized input into the issues they care to have resolved.

Wendi believes her clients are the experts on their own situations, particularly when it comes to their children. Her goal is to provide a positive, constructive environment that catalyzes conversations that lead to agreements about what is fair and best for everyone involved.