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Powerful Words of Positivity

Did the Holiday season inspire you? Which did you hear the most – joyful, affirmative statements or cynical, downer comments? As you know, I work with individuals, parents, and families experiencing a great deal of uneasiness or negativity with relationships. It is common for many of my clients to feel down, and even helpless – not able to see a way out of their despair. My hope is for everyone this holiday season to find the path to relief and joy. Powerful, positive words can make this hope a reality.

Too much positivity can come across as annoying or out of touch with reality. Have you ever heard a derogatory reference to someone being a “Pollyanna” who is s out-of-touch because of her incessant propensity for being positive. She was always playing the “glad game” of finding something to appreciate no matter how dire her circumstances. For those of you too young to remember the fictional character Pollyanna, insert Buddy the Elf.

So how can we bring down-to-earth positivity into the New Year? How do we meaningfully uplift ourselves, children, partners, neighbors and colleagues as well as everyone we meet?

For me, thoughtfully chosen words and self affirmations are the best places to start

One of the favorite Christmas gifts I gave in 2017 is the “I CAN DO IT” calendar of daily affirmations authored by the inspirational writer Louise Hay. Each daily affirmation is an example of thoughts that powerfully invite the most wanted experiences into our lives. I will be using these affirmations to keep positivity integrated into my daily routine in 2018 and beyond.

When you first say an affirmation, it will be like a new pair of jeans that takes a while before you believe the fit is just right. As Louise Hay stated, an affirmation takes some time from the first declaration to the final demonstration.

  • Are you willing to start the process of being more intentional about what you want to create?
  • Would you also like to use affirmations as a powerful tool to bring positive change to your world?

Our thoughts – the words in our head – truly paint our day, and saying what we DO want instead of what we DON’T want makes all the difference.

What do you consider to be a good day? Try on an affirmation. Declare, in the present moment, the truth of what you want, such as “I am surrounded with love and laughter,” “my life is orderly,” “I am focused on the right next step in my work,” or “I trust myself to make good decisions.”

My affirmation for you today is: 2018 is a prosperous, safe, and positive year. With God, I co-create what I want and need every day!

Let me know how I can support you further in developing the powerful words that will create the life you want.