Mary T. (Terri) Johnston, MBA, MS Ed

Terri Johnston is a seasoned professional coach working with individuals and families. Many clients seek out Terri when they are involved in the court system, specifically where a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) has been appointed or there is a complex family dynamic involving a child(ren) resisting or refusing contact with a parent. She is a highly skilled listener not only as a coach but also as mediator, parenting coordinator and collaborative divorce coach helping couples terminate their marriage or manage their parenting plan in a respectful and more cooperative manner.

Terri is passionate about helping parents and co-parents be the best parent possible for their child(ren)and provide an environment that allows their child(ren) to thrive emotionally. Terri helps her clients meet their specific goals whether is it improved communication skills, finding ways to cope with difficult situations, changing behaviors that contribute to problems, or discovering constructive ways to deal with a situation outside of a person’s control.

Terri received her MBA and MSEd in Clinical Counseling through the University of Dayton. Prior to Terri following her passion in helping people, she worked in various executive positions for several Fortune 500 companies in the field of IT (information technology).