Deborah Frazier, MSW

Deborah Frazier is a Domestic Relations Mediator. Deborah attended The Ohio State University for both her undergraduate degree in science, and her Master's degree in Social Work. Deborah integrates her background in counseling with extensive mediation training through Franklin County and Ohio Court System. With divorcing clients, Deborah provided the capability for couples to create a self-directed divorce agreement that works for both parties.

Deborah is also a trained Co-Resolver. Co-resolution is a process where each party is further supported by having a coach in the negotiations. Coaching is a way for each person to be supported during the negotiations and decision making process. The coach works directly with the individual, helping them to refine their goals, look to the future and how to best strategize and work with the other person.

Deborah believes strongly that it is within the power of each and every person to create the life he or she desires. While divorce and separation can be difficult processes, it is the decisions you make regarding how you separate that impacts the future. The mediation process can be a supportive process in helping you move toward a positive future.